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16.38 inch Desmostylus Tusk Fossil Miocene Sea Cow - California

16.38 inch Desmostylus Tusk Fossil Miocene Sea Cow - California



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Primitive Sea Cow Tusk
Desmostylus hesperus

Temblor Formation, Fresno County, California

Middle Miocene epoch
20 million years old

Tusk: 16.38 inchs long x 2.5 inches at the base

The rarest or rare from this classic California fossil bed, while the teeth of these animals are known to show up, larger specimens like this complete tusk are almost never offered for sale. This would make a wonderful display piece for any museum collection or private display!

From an uncommon California fossil locality, this sea cow tusk was found in an ancient marine environment. With a few repairs, as typical for this incredibly hard, shell dense, matrix, extractions is often in pieces, then repaired later.

*Fossils from this site are very uncommon as collecting has not gone on for over 20 years from this particular site.



The desmostylids lived primarily along coastal sea shores feeding on the algeas and seaweeds, as evident from their fossil remains. Closely related to Elephants, manatees, and the dugongs, they were a prolific marine mammal during the middle miocene epoch along the Pacific Coast.