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2.1 in. Herring Fossil Fish Lusitanichthys - Morocco

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2.1 in. Herring Fossil Fish Lusitanichthys - Morocco

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Lusitanichthys africanus (Cavin, 1999)

Upper Cretaceous Period - Cenomian Stage (93-100 million years old)

Akrabou Formation
Gara es Sbâa, Agoult,
Kem Kem Basin, Morocco, Africa

Lusitanichthys : 2.1 in. outstretched length (1 inch = 2.54 cm)

An unusually large specimen of this fish from Morocco.


The exposures of the Akrabou Formation near Agoult in the Kem-Kem Basin of Southeastern Morocco were the first time many of these Cretaceous Period fish were ever found in North Africa (around 2006) and are incredibly similar to those found in Lebanon of a similar geologic age. Many fine details including gut contents have been preserved in these remarkable fossil fish.