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5.85 in. Large Plate Ganolytes Fossil Sardine - California

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5.85 in. Large Plate Ganolytes Fossil Sardine - California

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The Ganolytes are from the larger fish family group of ray finned fishes and are closely related to the modern day sardine.

These marine fossil fish are known from a few specific layers within the Monterey Formation in Central California. They tell the story of a tropical marine setting, found amongst the remains of sea turtles, sea weeds & palms, whale, seal lions, and dozens of other fish.



Ganolytes (Jordan, 1919) Monterey Formation - 12 Million years old Santa Barbara County, California, USA Ganolytes : 5.85 in. length (1 inch = 2.54 cm) A large a well preserved Ganolytes ("ray finned fish" - Sardine) with complete scales and a wonderfully rich deep orange color. Like many found in this specific layer, the head is kicked upwards in a "death pose". Positioned on the lower corner of a larger plate filled entirely with the scales of other fossil fish. Even a bonus fish on the back of the plate! This specimen was collected by us in 2015, and painstakingly prepared then stabilized to prevent the scales from wearing away. It is 100% as found and has no restoration, with our personal guarantee!