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Moroccan Carpets, Rugs, & Textiles

The vibrant textiles of Morocco evoke the spirit of hospitality for which the Maghreb is famous. Each hand-woven textile is unique in illustrating a piece of Morocco’s rich multicultural heritage, the colorful and dramatic landscape, as well as the weaver’s artistic vision.

Our collection of textiles are a snapshot of the wide variety of styles that are found throughout the county. Natural fibers, such as cactus silk, camel and sheep wool, luxurious to the touch, are the preferred weaving materials.

These hand-woven textiles are each a work of art. By looking at elements, such as symbols, composition, and color choice, we have a small glimpse into the life and imagination of the weaver. In a sense, these weavings capture the warm hospitality of the Moroccan experience, where home becomes a place of rest, rejuvenation, and inspiration.

About the regional tribes of Morocco and North West Africa

Zanafi Textiles of Morocco Collection

Traveling through Morocco, a visitor is captivated by the diverse landscape. Similar to that of California, Morocco is a land of deserts, agricultural plains, rugged mountains, welcoming oases, and sandy beaches. Our exclusive Zanafi Textiles of Morocco Collection, best capture this beauty in its true essence from the sandy dunes of the Sahara to the Mediterranean coastline. These textiles are hand-woven by women in artisan co-ops throughout the country and are created using natural wool fibers and natural dyes, bringing centuries-old Moroccan weaving traditions to the forefront, passed down by the generations.

Our exclusive, hand selected, Zanafi Textiles of Morocco Collection emphasizes the use of natural dyes, hearkening back to pre-Industrial Age weaving traditions.

Each textile portrays a unique scene, such as desert and hills, or seascapes, woven into the field and framed by a border. Additionally, the emphasis on natural dyes mirrors the colors one would see throughout Morocco’s countryside. In this way, these double-faced weaves become almost like a painted illustration, re-imagining Morocco’s natural splendor and allowing us to bring this luxury into our personal spheres. This style of weave has become known as "Zanafi" for it's bright and colorful mix of colors as well as tribal and modern textures.

Legends tell of a Finish painter who married a Berber woman, who took her traditional Zanafi Tribal motifs and interwove her beloved husbands landscape paintings into her textiles, truly something inspired from the heart.

Moroccan Sabra Silk Textiles Collection

These textiles from our Sabra Silk Collection are a modern twist on traditional Moroccan weaving, perfect for the contemporary home.

Woven by hand, each textile can be interpreted based on choice of symbols and composition. These reflect various tribes amongst the Imazighen people, and draw upon the meanings that the symbols themselves connote. Often, they depict scenes familiar to the Moroccan way of life. Examples include living within a semi-rural community centered around the Kasbah, or a home scene with family members gathered around a table. In the choice of weaving material, a natural cactus silk fiber, we gain a further understanding of Morocco’s heritage of utilizing the natural environment for every day purpose.

The silken texture and flat weave construction makes them ideal for warm climates, when used as a floor covering. However, both the vibrancy of color and minimalism of design give them wider appeal, presenting numerous options in our use of them, from wall tapestries, to bedding and blankets, as well as floor rugs. Their brightening effect will certainly bring the exotic charm of Morocco into any home or office space.