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1.61 in. Bright Psiloceras Ammonite - England

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1.61 in. Bright Psiloceras Ammonite - England

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Psiloceras planorbis (Sowerby, 1824)

Private Quarry, Somerset, England

Hettangian Stage
Jurassic Period
201-199 million years old

Ammonite : 1.61 in - longest diameter
Matrix : 3.58 x 2.65 cm
(1 in. = 2.54cm)

A brilliant colored ammonite fossil from a rare locality within Somerset.

This specimen comes from a private quarry - hence the remarkable and stark difference in color and preservation to those typically offered from the coastline itself. The thickness of shell and intense reds, greens, orange, and yellows are typical of this rare locality, where bright blues are well known from the more common type found along the shoreline. Another feature of note from this quarry are the darker, almost black - deep grey - shale the fossils are present on.


Psiloceras planorbis (Sowerby, 1824)
Somerset, England
Hettangian Stage of the Jurassic Period (201-199 million years old)

A naturally iridescent shell showing nice neon colors including blues, greens and deep reds. This iridescence is the natural result of more than a dozen minerals replacing the shell and forming together over millions of years.

Unlike most earlier ammonites, which had complex shell shapes and ornamentation, Psiloceras had a smooth shell.

Something else to consider about this amazing group, all Ammonites, with the sole exemption of the genus Psiloceras were wiped out at the Triassic–Jurassic extinction event (201.3 million years ago). Hence all ammonites that lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous are descendants of the Psiloceras!