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5.8 in. Ganolytes Marine Fossil Fish Sardine - California

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5.8 in. Ganolytes Marine Fossil Fish Sardine - California

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The Ganolytes are from the larger fish family group of ray finned fishes and are closely related to the modern day sardine.

These marine fossil fish are known from a few specific layers within the Monterey Formation in Central California. They tell the story of a tropical marine setting, found amongst the remains of sea turtles, sea weeds & palms, whale, seal lions, and dozens of other fish.



Ganolytes (Jordan, 1919) Monterey Formation - 12 Million years old Santa Barbara County, California, USA Ganolytes : 5.8 in. (1 inch = 2.54 cm) A large a well preserved Ganolytes ("ray finned fish" - Sardine) with complete scales and a wonderfully rich deep orange color. Like many found in this specific layer, the head is kicked upwards in a "death pose". This specimen was collected by us in July 2015, and painstakingly prepared then stabilized to prevent the scales from wearing away. It is 100% as found and has no restoration, with our personal guarantee!