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36 cts Opal Clam Fossil from Coober Pedy Australia

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36 cts Opal Clam Fossil from Coober Pedy Australia

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Opalized Clam

Coober Pedy, Australia
Bulldog Shale, lower Marree Subgroup, Aptian Stage, upper Lower Cretaceous

Cretaceous Period - 113 to 100 million years old

36 cts

Hand polished here at AETC to expose the bright play of color in the precious opal.

This specimen shows the opal as a color band going vertically through the shell. Very unusual.


These marine bivalves (clams) are found in Cretaceous deposits that span Southern Australia. From the world famous mining region and town, Coober Pedy, these fossil clam shells have been entirely replaced by precious opal.

The clams belong to the genus Cyrenopsis (either C. australiensis or C. meeki)
Animalia, Mollusca, Bivalvia, Heterodonta, Veneroida, Arcticaceae, Neomiodontidae

Each of these specimens have been cut and polished by hand here at Ancient Earth. Hand selected for color, every one is unique in form making them wonderful study specimens or pieces for jewelry.