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24 mm Mako Shark Tooth Gold Dipped Pendant

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24 mm Mako Shark Tooth Gold Dipped Pendant

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Mako Shark

Pendant measures : 2.4 x 1.6 cm
(1 in. = 2.54 cm.)

Beautifully gold dipped by hand.


A one of a kind piece, made by hand, this beautiful shark tooth was craftily set into this gold setting. Each of these shark teeth are unique and require hand setting like this in order to provide a truly special and individual piece.

Each pendant first starts with a top, gem, class tooth, selected for perfection.

The Isurus (mako shark) is part of the group of Lamniformes, which are an order of sharks commonly known as white/mackerel sharks (which may also refer specifically to the family Lamnidae). It includes some of the most familiar species of sharks, such as the great white shark, as well as more unusual representatives, such as the goblin shark and the megamouth shark.

Members of the order are distinguished by possessing two dorsal fins, an anal fin, five gill slits, eyes without nictitating membranes, and a mouth extending behind the eyes.