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26 mm Fossil Snaggletooth Shark (Hemipristis serra) Silver Pendant from Florida

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26 mm Fossil Snaggletooth Shark (Hemipristis serra) Silver Pendant from Florida

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Hemipristis serra (Agassiz, 1843)
Extinct Weasel Shark
Bone Valley, Florida
Miocene Period - 15.97 - 11.6 Ma

Pendant measures : 2.6 x 2.3 cm
(1 in. = 2.54 cm.)

Collected and dug by hand, then set beautifully in .925 sterling silver.


A one of a kind piece, made by hand, this beautiful fossil shark tooth was craftily set into this sterling silver setting. Each of these fossil shark teeth are unique and require hand setting like this in order to provide a truly special and individual piece.

Each pendant first starts with a top, gem, class tooth, selected for perfection.

Hemipristis serra is an extinct species of weasel shark which existed during the Miocene epoch.

The weasel sharks are a family of ground sharks found in shallow coastal waters to a depth of 330 ft. Most species are small, reaching no more than 4.6 ft, though the extinct snaggletooth shark (Hemipristis elongatus) may reach 14 ft. They have horizontally oval eyes, small spiracles, and precaudal pits. There are two dorsal fins with the base of the first placed well forward of the pelvic fins. The caudal fin has a strong ventral lobe and undulations on the dorsal lobe margin. They feed on a variety of small bony fishes and invertebrates; at least two species specialize on cephalopods.