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Dinocaridid Grasping Appendage Arm from Utah

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Dinocaridid Grasping Appendage Arm from Utah

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Dinocaridid sp. (Collins, 1996)
Grasping Appendage
Upper/Middle Cambrian (541-520 million years ago)
Wheeler Formation, House Range, Millard County, Utah

Specimen : 2.75cm x 1cm


Dinocaridids look to be very similarly related to the Anomalocaris, these type appendages are known in the fossil record from China, Utah, California, and the Czech Republic. Very similar to the family group Aonomalocarididae, this is a grasping appendage used to prey on other arthropods and soft bodied animals. Some trilobites from the Wheeler Shale have predatory damage from these predators and possibly those in the Phyllocarid family.