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Fossil Shark Tooth Preparation Dig Kit from Sharktooth Hill

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Fossil Shark Tooth Preparation Dig Kit from Sharktooth Hill

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Sharktooth Hill Fossil Dig Kit

Temblor Formation
Sharktooth Hill, Bakersfield, California

Miocene Period - 15 Million years old

Each Kit Includes :
• One Complete Fossil Rock
• Pick for removing fossil shale
• Small Brush
• Identification Guide and Information


Dig your own fossil shark teeth like a real paleontologist!

Discover the thrill and excitement of a world long forgotten. Each of our Fossil Shark Tooth Dig Kits includes an assortment of fossil shark teeth collected from the Temblor Formation in Bakersfield, California and is roughly 15 million years old.

For both adults and children, this kit is a great way to "get your hands dirty" and still experience what it is like to see a fossil for the first time in millions of years!

The fossil shark teeth are buried randomly within our fossil rock mold, giving the real feel of collecting and searching for fossil shark teeth. Each kit will include teeth from Sharktooth Hill California and one special BONUS tooth from Morocco!

NOTE : The kit photographed is representative of the type of specimens you will receive in your kit.