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2.73 in Polished Chalcedony Gastropod from Western Sahara

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2.73 in Polished Chalcedony Gastropod from Western Sahara

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Agatized (Chalcedony var. Quartz) Gastropod

Western Sahara, Africa

Eocene Period - 56 - 34 million years old

Gastropod : 2.73 inches
1 inch = 2.54 cm

Cut and polished by us to expose the beautiful agate banding inside the sea snail shell!

This specimen shows wonderful banding within the chamber walls of the shell.


These gastropods are found in Eocene deposits that span from east of the Tinduf Basin in Algeria to the shipping port of Dakhla. Sporadically exposed in the dunes, these fossil shells were delicately preserved in translucent layers of clear chalcedony (a variety of micro-crystalline quartz). A vast variety of species are found, but few have been recorded or studied making identification difficult.

Each of these specimens have been cut and polished by hand here at Ancient Earth. Hand selected for completeness and good mineralization, these were picked out of thousands that were offered for sale, while we visited the Western Sahara. Every one is unique in color and form making them wonderful study specimens or pieces for jewelry. Less than half of the selected and cut pieces showed any interesting patterns or color and ended up getting a final polish.