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"Devil Horned" Cyphaspis walteri Mortality Cluster

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"Devil Horned" Cyphaspis walteri Mortality Cluster

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Cyphaspis walteri
Devonian - 416 million years old
Bou Dib Formation, Ofaten, Morocco

Trilobite 1 : 1.25 x 1 inch
Trilobite 2 : 1.28 x 0.88
Trilobite 3 : underneath #2 - 1.32 x 0.92
1 inch = 2.54 cm

Known commonly as the Devil Horn trilobite, presented here is a beautiful cluster of three Cyphaspis trilobites.


Cyphaspis walteri

Only recently described, this species of Cyphaspis has been discovered in Morocco for a number of years. Known among collectors as the "Devil Horn" trilobite, we finally have a proper name for this unique trilobite!

Specimens like this are prepared using lab equipment to delicately remove the hard limestone from the fossil, a combination of chisels and abrasives reveal the wonderfully preserved fossils. Well over 100 + work hours are put into cleanings specimens like this one here.