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Museum Grade Scutellum pustulatum 2.75 in. Flying Trilobite

Museum Grade Scutellum pustulatum 2.75 in. Flying Trilobite

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Scutellum pustulatum
Devonian - 360 million years old
Mt. Issoumour, Morocco

Trilobite : 2.75 x 1.85 inch
1 inch = 2.54 cm

Prepared ABOVE and BEYOND the typical preparation, this fossil trilobite was nearly 90% exposed from the surrounding limestone, leaving a beautiful front and back display piece where you see both the top and bottom of the fossil itself! A true museum grade specimen that would be a wonderful centerpiece in any fossil collection or gallery.


Scutellum pustulatum

Scutellum are a group of marine trilobites, they are known from a handful of different species varieties, the S. pustulatum being one of the larger known.

Specimens like this are prepared using lab equipment to delicately remove the hard limestone from the fossil, a combination of chisels and abrasives reveal the wonderfully preserved fossils. Well over 150 + work hours are put into cleanings specimens like this one here.