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2 Plumulites Feathery Armored Worm Fossil Annelid - Morocco

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2 Plumulites Feathery Armored Worm Fossil Annelid - Morocco

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Plumulites tafennaensis (Chauvel, 1967)
Extinct Armored Worm

Ordovician Period - 450 millions years ago

Ktaoua Formation, Kaid Rami, Morocco

Plumulites 1 : 1.97 x 0.91 inches
Plumulites 2 : 1.92 x 0.86 inches
1 inch = 2.54 cm

The soft-bodied preservation of this specimen is fantastic and the iron oxidation causing the orange color gives for a nice contrast to the original matrix. Two complete worms are laying beside one another!

Typically these fossils are disarticulated due to the many segments and armored parts, it's incredibly uncommon to find these fossils complete - as the ones from Canada have less than 10 known complete specimens - these from Morocco seem to be slightly better preserved.

Fossil Preparation completed by Ancient Earth Trading Company


Plumulites is a member of the machaeridian family and existed from 480 million years ago until about 250 million years ago. This armoured annelid worm is the relative of the modern-day earthworm, leech and bristleworm.

This specimen was retrieved and brought back in October/November of 2014 on our collecting trip to Morocco. I prepared this specimen and stabilized the matrix and specimen (June 2015). Using a microscope and pneumatic chisel, the specimen was delicately cleaned of remaining matrix and to bring out the finer details. Most of these specimens are roughly prepared by workers in Morocco who use filler and coloration to hide any work, working quickly to move onto the next specimen. I took my time to prepare this piece and payed close detail to the fine preservation.