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Juralite Ammonite Sterling Silver Pendant 26 mm

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Juralite Ammonite Sterling Silver Pendant 26 mm

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Jurassic Period Ammonite shell
200 million years old
Somerset Coast, United Kingdom

Pendant measures : 2.6 x 1.7 cm
(1 in. = 2.54 cm.)

Set in .925 Sterling Silver


Juralite is the ancient remains of mineralised ammonite shell which dates back 200 million years. This extremely rare material can only be sourced a on a few occasions each month due to high tides as nature chooses to expose it to shoreline erosion. Unique to just one location in North Somerset, UK, it is similar to Canadian Ammolite but is over three times as old.

Juralite is valued by jewellery makers for it's natural mulicoured irridescence.