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2" Quartz Crystal Geode - 10 Pack - Morocco

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2" Quartz Crystal Geode - 10 Pack - Morocco

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2" Quartz Crystal Geode

Location : Smara, Western Sahara (Morocco)
Geode : 1.5 - 2.5 inches average size

Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Clusters formed inside geodes!

Each purchase will receive 10, pre-cracked, geodes from a selection as shown.


You will receive 10, pre-cracked, Quartz Crystal Geodes with both halves! The average size of the geodes are between 1.5 - 2.5 inches and are picked at random from our selection. These Quartz Crystal Geodes have large, Terminated, Quartz points inside, sometimes with Double Terminations! Photos are examples of the type of geodes we import direct from Morocco, and that you will receive with your purchase. Sometimes these are also referred to as Sugar Quartz Geodes, for all the tiny, druzy, quartz crystals that sparkle.

Geodes typically form inside air pockets, caused by gas bubbles left by volcanic or other geological events. These specific geodes formed inside rich phosphate rich layers, dating specifically to the Cretaceous Period! The exposures from which these are collected in south of a small village called Smara, we visited these sites in 2014!