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Clubmoss Tree Lepidodendron Branch Tip Fossil

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Clubmoss Tree Lepidodendron Branch Tip Fossil

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Here is a new shoot, a branch tip, from a species of tree that lived over 300 million years ago! The leaf was preserved in a concretion nodule (mudball) that was delicately split to expose on the broken face, a delicately preserved offshoot!

The softer orange/brown side of the split nodule has absolutely amazing details of the trees inner bark texture and structure.

Specimen nodule : 6 x 4 cm

Locality : Francis Creek Shale, Braidwood, Illinois, USA

Age : Pennsylvanian Period (300-290 million years ago)


Concretions from the Mazon Creek fauna expose a very unique selection of fossils found in the Braidwood-Morris area of Illinois, USA. Both Marine and Terrestrial fossils have been found in the extensive mining deposits of the Braidwood-Morris regions. These fossils are found and carefully split to reveal the specimens inside, using any number of methods, from the "Freeze-Thaw" method to the trusty ol' rock hammer!