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2.7 in. Basilosaurus Premolar Tooth Fossil Whale Western Sahara

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2.7 in. Basilosaurus Premolar Tooth Fossil Whale Western Sahara

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Basilosaurus (Zygorhiza sp. or Dorudon sp.?)
Late Eocene Period - 38 to 33 millions years ago
Dakhla, Western Sahara (Morocco)

Tooth : 2.7 x 1.4 inches / 6.9 x 3.5 cm


During the Late Eocene Period, 38 to 33 million years ago, gigantic primitive whales measuring up to 85 feet long ruled the seas. These huge Archaeocetes, or ancient whales possessed huge skulls up to five feet in length (about as large as a T. rex skull.) This prehistoric whale was most likely carnivorous, feeding on mollusks and small fish in warm seas around the world. These whales were the largest predators on the planet at the time.

These Basilosaurid teeth are as of yet, undescribed formally, and thus the distinguishment between if this is a true Basilosaurus (Zygorhiza) or Dorudon still remains unclear. Commonly these are found with the Megalodon ancestor, Carcharocles sokolovi - the Megatooth Shark. Many times the teeth are broken and require some repair or restoration, we specifically choose teeth with minimal restoration, if any.

This tooth has some minor repairs to the enamel where it was missing a small section and has been stabilized and matched to the enamel coloration.

The present specimen is a superb, gorgeous tooth exhibiting the giant serrations (the largest of any tooth in the fossil record) for which archaeocete teeth are famous. This very rare tooth displays a beautiful dark orange-red color with cream roots, a feature unique to the finds from the Western Sahara.