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Halisaurus Mosasaur Jaw 3 Teeth - Morocco

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Halisaurus Mosasaur Jaw 3 Teeth - Morocco

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Halisaurus sp.

Ouled Bouali, Khourigba, Morocco, North Africa

Upper Cretaceous Period - 99-65 Million Years Old

Jaw : 2.85 in. length
Teeth : 0.45 in.

1 inch = 2.54 cm

A natural jaw with original teeth that have been repaired - placed back in position - of this uncommon species of Mosasaur from Morocco.


Presented here is an authentic and original section of a Mosasaurus jaw from Morocco. The species of Mosasaur is the Halisaurus, which is one of the most rare of the Moroccan Mosasaurs. Typically the Mosasaur could reach lengths of up to 50+ feet, this species of Mosasaur only reached a maximun length of 13 feet.

This specimen comes from the phosphate mines located near Khourigba, Morocco and are dated to the Upper Cretaceous Period (99-65 Million Years Old)