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New Species Mosasaur Teeth in Jaw Bone - Morocco

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New Species Mosasaur Teeth in Jaw Bone - Morocco

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Unknown species

Ouled Bouali, Khourigba, Morocco, North Africa

Upper Cretaceous Period - 99-65 Million Years Old

Jaw : 3.36 in. length
Largest Tooth : 1.12 in.

1 inch = 2.54 cm

A natural jaw with original teeth in place of this unusual species of Mosasaur from Morocco. The teeth look similar to that from a Halisaurus (same size range and curvature) however these differ in that they are flattened and less round than the Halisaurus.


The species of Mosasaur is unknown and new to science, only being discovered for the first time middle of 2014. The size of this specific Mosasaur is unknown however is theoretically on the smaller size 8-15 ft in length.

This specimen comes from the phosphate mines located near Khourigba, Morocco and are dated to the Upper Cretaceous Period (99-65 Million Years Old)