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1.45" Notidanidon Cow Shark Tooth Fossil - Morocco

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1.45" Notidanidon Cow Shark Tooth Fossil - Morocco

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Notidanidon loozi (Vincent, 1867)
Extinct Cow Shark

Oued Zem, Khourigba, Morocco, North Africa

Middle Eocene Period - 49 Million Years Old

N. loozi Tooth : 1.45 x 0.86 in.

1 inch = 2.54 cm

A great tooth for display or study of a very rare species from the mines in Morocco.


Notidanidon loozi is an extinct genus of cow shark which lived during the Cenozoic Era, Tertiary- Paleogene Period, Middle Eocene Epoch, around 49 million years ago .

The species of shark is the Notidanidon loozi, which is one of the more rare of the Moroccan shark species found and commonly mistaken for another uncommon shark genus, the Hexanchus.

This specimen comes from the phosphate mines located near Khourigba, Morocco and are dated to the Middle Eocene Period (49 Million Years Old).