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Huge Cruziana Fossil Trilobite Tracks & Starfish Tracks - Morocco

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Huge Cruziana Fossil Trilobite Tracks & Starfish Tracks - Morocco

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Cruziana (Ichnofossils)
Trilobite Tracks + Starfish Tracks

Ouzina, Morocco, North Africa

Lower Ordovician Period - 445 Million Years Old

Cruziana : 6.06 x 0.92 in.
Starfish? : 6 x 2.82 in.
Plate : 7.19 x 6 in.
1 inch = 2.54 cm

Presented here is a huge plate with a large trilobite track going straight across the center, and what looks like the footprints of a starfish along the bottom of the slab! There is also a very faint third track, that goes up from the left of the trilobite track and curves back down meeting at the right side.

Found often near the fossils of the trilobite Asaphellus aff. fezouataensis, it is thought these trace and burrows are from that trilobite.


These ichnofossils (trace fossils) show a snapshot of life 445 million years ago. Rusophycus (Trilobite resting nest), Cruziana (trackways furrowing/emerging), & Diplichnites (walking/striding) ichnofossils - trace fossils - are all present on the various plates. Even some non-trilobite tracks on a couple - worms and even other arthropods.