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1.16" Greenops boothi Trilobite - New York

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1.16" Greenops boothi Trilobite - New York

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Greenops boothi (Green, 1837)

Windom Member,
Moscow Formation
Erie County, New York

Middle Devonian Period - 395-345 million years ago

This trilobite comes to us from an estate, it was originally found in 1979 and will come with the original label. Prone trilobites from this formation are uncommon, the Greenops genus being one of the more rare types to be found in the Windom Shale.

The trilobite is slightly compressed on the right side, and could use a little more preparation to expose the rest of the head (cephalon)

Trilobite : 1.16inch

Matrix : 3.45 x 2.855 in


An uncommon trilobite from upstate New York